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Spaß an Qualität / Fun on quality

Maschinen und Werkzeuge
  • Einachstraktoren - mit großer Zubehörpalette

  • Eigene Fertigung / own production - Made in EU

  • Spaß an Qualität

  • Earthwork!

  • Mowing!

  • Mulching!




We offer various mowing bars, sickle mowers and other accessories for mowing taller and shorter grass and for mulching.

Soil cultivation with our high quality soil tilling and plowing: no problem!

Even in winter, your one-axle vehicle helps with snow removal.

Proven in the foothills of the Alps and with a long tradition from our sister plant in Slovenia produced with great accuracy.

Our basic machines

Our products are characterized by their universal use, high quality and modern design. Learn more about our proven machines for over 40 years.

Additional program

Our additional program includes special machines, which are also manufactured in our production with great care. Ask about our shredders and tillers!