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Spaß an Qualität / Fun on quality

Maschinen und Werkzeuge
  • Einachstraktoren - mit großer Zubehörpalette

  • Eigene Fertigung / own production - Made in EU

  • Spaß an Qualität

  • Now New: Spirit levels and slats

  • Spirit levels in high quality! With 2 and 3 dragonflies or with magnet.

  • Rulings with or without dragonfly and handle - up to 4 meters in length!


LIBRA - MEASURING TOOLS for construction and crafts
  • Aluminum spirit levels with 2 or 3 dragonflies
  • Aluminum spirit levels with or without magnets
  • Plates with or without dragonfly
  • Carpenter angle
  • Rolling bands

Garden and agricultural tools
  • Shovels and spades in different designs
  • Spade forks and forks 
  • Rake and leaf rake
  • Axes and hatchets
  • Scythes and sickles
  • To shovel snow 
  • Hacking and slashing
  • High quality beech or ash stems
New: ergonomic series
Talk to us about our new ergonomic series: easy handling and less fatigue. Shovels, spades, spade forks and rakes with ergonomic handle
Construction tools
  • Frankfurter Shovels, Holsteiner Shovels
  • Aluminum bucket No. 9
  • Roads and tar rakes
  • Hatchets
  • To shovel snow 
  • High quality beech or ash stems
  • And much more ...

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We offer you various forms of sales support. Display Displays with hangers for the tools or stand systems for the spirit levels.


Our tools are manufactured by our experienced employees in our sister plant in Slovenia. Since 1573 there has been a blacksmith's shop at this location, which can draw on a long forging tradition in the region.