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Spaß an Qualität / Fun on quality

Maschinen und Werkzeuge
  • Einachstraktoren - mit großer Zubehörpalette

  • Eigene Fertigung / own production - Made in EU

  • Spaß an Qualität

Struc tools

Our motto is "fun of quality" and that's exactly what we hope to teach you with our tools and machines! Quality in our case means robustness, tradition, experience and continuous development.


Our core products are made in our sister company in Slovenia with great attention to detail and experience that you can enjoy quality.

In our single-axle production in Muta (Slovenia) we manufacture the most important components for all our machines ourselves, such as the high quality transmission. This consists of gears that are made of chrome-manganese steel. They are thermally processed and run in an oil bath. For a rampant progress makes a dry multi-plate clutch.

Our manufacturing plant in Muta can look back on a decade-long tradition in the production of agricultural machinery. Everything began in the seventies when the professional mower "Rex Combi" was produced under license for the Swiss company Rapid. This was designed especially for steep and hilly terrain. This product provided the basis for future developments of one-axle tractors. Since then, our experts in Muta have been trying to develop machines and implements with innovative features, always in such a way that the basic nature of our machines is not changed: Robustness, proven technology and built to work!